Report Structure

Your Inner Humanizer

Which are your top 5 Humanizer characteristics?

A Humanizer is someone who lives and acts with an open mind, free of strong preconceptions and eager to learn. Someone authentic to themselves, who values real human connections more than digital connections.

You as a World Traveler

Which of the six world traveler types are you?

Find your innate type of profile - your drive, preferred activities, and type of environment that you feel most comfortable in when traveling.

YourBestLife Challenge

Do you want to live YourBestLife every day?

Get your bucket list full of experiences and challenges in the three pillars of life that will allow you to enjoy more your daily routine, making you feel that every day you are living your own best life and in the end feeling more grateful.


Because life's worth travelling, from the inside out

Your Personality Report

We believe that to change the world for the better it’s important to stop once in a while and reflect on ourselves first, so we can then think about how to make a positive impact on the people around us, and ultimately the world.

And that's why we created your tailored Personality Report: a window into your own world that will allow you to bring the best version of yourself to the rest of the world.

YourBestLife Community is the place where you will feel empowered to live your best life:

+Self awareness - We encourage you to stop, to reflect and take action towards your own best life. 

+Global awareness - We put the world in your hand so you can learn from it, put your life in perspective, and give back to the greater good 

Traveling humanely is our ideal bridge between self and global-awareness.

“Hello, beautiful team! Thank you so much for sending my personality report and for making my day so beautiful. This Personality Report made me to take some moments for myself and be more aware of how I am and how I can bring more value in the lives of the people around me.”

Andra Bianca, Romania

Who are you as a world traveller?

Personality Overview

How is your personality best described?

Here you will find descriptions that intend to give you a general idea of how your personality might be described and leave you better equipped to adapt to different environments.

Who You Are on the road

Which YourBestLife profile is enhanced by your unique characteristics?

Here you can understand how you reveal your native traits when traveling.

To where should you go, and fulfill the ideal bridge between self and global awareness? 

Using traveling as a medicine and the globe as the doctor, according to your traveler profile we present you two countries that characterize an experience that you can live that will help reinforce your personality traits and soft skills.

Your Journey Prescription


“The information that I learned and the knowledge I gained from the Personality Report about myself was very insightful. I have found it incredibly valuable.”

Alex, South Africa

“Thank you so much for the report, it was really fun to read and actually quite accurate! It left me thinking about my traveler personality and helped me notice some stuff I hadn't before! Already crossing some challenges ;)”

Diana, Peru

What's in it for you ?

Because life's worth traveling, from the inside out

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