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Wow, this webinar was so amazing! I am so grateful that I get to experience this with all of you! I am feeling super inspired! Can't wait for the next one!

My absolute favourite takeaway from it - "say yes, to positive things..." The whole speech on the universe and balance really made me think. Love hearing people this passionate and knowledgable in their own cultures talk. Really well done on both guests, plus Mr. Melo was icing on the cake

Happiness is being here listening this webinar in a backpacker accommodation from Auk even if won't sleep today, haha. Thank you for encourage all the people reunited today humanizers!

Go and bring the world with you!



Why each particular destination was chosen and how it relates with the Program’s pillars of Belonging, Life Career, and Social Impact


With the YourBestLife community, speakers, guests, and team.



And share your own experiences and perspective with your peers


And relevant facts about the destination

Our talks are designed to be a space of sharing meaningful messages, using the lessons of each destination and the inspiring stories of our guests as the vehicle for spreading powerful ideas and learnings.

YourBestLife is an unconventional educational organization that intends to empower people and create a movement of Humanizers, that will bring the world closer together.

We like to say that the globe itself is our teacher—and now we want to bring that knowledge to you!

Preparing for Life

Learnings #01


Learnings #02

Pushing Yourself Further

Learnings #03

Filipe Santos–Dean of Católica-Lisbon School of Business & Economics

Carlos Melo Ribeiro–Former CEO Siemens Portugal for 21 years. YourBestLife Chairman

Carolina Piteira–Award-winning painter with an incredible resume

Mrs. Nandini Singla–Ambassador of India to Portugal

4 June 19'

25 June 19'

With the YourBestLife community, speakers, guests, and team.

And relevant facts about the destination

YourBestLife Talks

Francisco LufinhaSportsman & Guinness world record holder

Nic von RuppTop 6 Big wave surfer & Founder of The Brusco 

7 October 19'

Because life's worth travelling, from the inside out

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